A woman walks into a bar…

Courtney Joye Williams recently walked into a Plano, Texas bar with her friends. What she saw and what came next was not on the evenings itinerary. Read More »

What is integrity….really?

We say that integrity is the foundation of courageous leadership. Without integrity, we have no shot at standing up, stepping in, or speaking out for what's right. Mike explores why this core strength is the foundation of our work. Read More »

What’s this revolution for…really?

What is the mission, intention and commitment of this revolution? As a blend of bystander intervention and leadership training, we are here to empower us all to stand up, step in, and speak out. Read More »

There’s leadership. And, there’s courageous leadership.

Leadership is one of the most saturated and talked about concepts; yet, it's very misunderstood. What is courageous leadership and how does it fit in with the existing theories, models and contexts for leadership? Mike starts to answer this. Read More »

Work with College Students? Read This About the Campus SaVE Act!

The Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act (Campus SaVE) amends the Jeanne Clery Act and affords additional rights to campus victims of sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking. This has 80 new requirements for institutions and those who work with college students. Read More »

Heroism: Too Broad and Too Narrow

Ari Kohen, professor at University of Nebraska - Lincoln and blogger, explores the world of heroism and how we use, and misuse, the label. Read More »

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