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Work with College Students? Read This About the Campus SaVE Act!

The Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act (Campus SaVE) amends the Jeanne Clery Act and affords additional rights to campus victims of sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking. This has 80 new requirements for institutions and those who work with college students. Read More »

It’s Time for Something New

It's time to create a new world where people are intervening in problem situations so that all people are protected, loved, taken care of, and stood up for. You can start your own Every|Day Hero Campaign where you live, work, play, study or volunteer! Read More »

I Refuse To Believe

Mike Dilbeck, Founder, refuses to believe that we are any less than extraordinary human beings who do want to intervene in problem situations and show courageous leadership. Read More »

On The Streets

Jason shares this vulnerable and raw account of searching his own soul for what's important in life. And, he actually takes action from what he sees. Read More »

BE THE PERSON | 2012: A Life Changing Success

This real-world learning experience changed lives and created change-making leaders. Learn all about it and watch inspiring videos from the participants. Read More »

Why BE THE PERSON | 2012 Matters To You

Wondering what this BE THE PERSON thing is all about? What can you get from it? Matt, co-producer of this event with Mike Dilbeck, shares the learning outcomes and what you can expect. Read More »

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