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The mission of RESPONSE ABILITY: The Revolution for Courageous Leadership is to empower people to show courageous leadership by standing up, stepping in, and speaking out for what's right.

Media Interviews

Many stories you see in the media today involve bystanders — those who see or know about the crime or the situation and say nothing, do nothing. Therefore, many media outlets are bringing on experts in the area of bystander behavior. 

Mike Dilbeck — Founder of RESPONSE ABILTY, Leader of the Revolution for Courageous Leadership, an expert on bystander intervention, and professional speaker — is available for all media inquiries. While there are many psychologists, psychiatrists, academicians, and professionals to speak on these subjects, Mike offers a "real" take on the impact.

Mike will offer the average person's perspective to this phenomenon and make it digestible for others to comprehend. He is not a researcher. He is not a mental professional. He is just a real guy who has produced an award-winning educational program and now travels the country touching and impacting the hearts of people everywhere.

As a video producer and professional speaker, Mike also knows and appreciates the value of a sound bite. He is media trained and has been the spokesperson for other projects he has been involved.

Click below to hear an interview with Mike by Jeff Wolfsberg:

Click below to heear a radio interview with WVON in Chicago — bullying and bystander behavior:


Click below to hear Mike on a local NPR affiliate's show regarding the Penn State child abuse scandal:


To contact Mike, click here or give him a call directly on his cell at (888) 817-4376, Ext. 2.